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Designed by frequent flyers for all flyers, Foxtrot Dash is a new digital platform to help you understand the true value of your credit card points, airline miles, hotel points redemption, and more. Sign-up for your free profile today or upgrade to Foxtrot Max.


Experience a new way to understand the value of your hard-earned points using our newly-minted tool.

Points management
Easily view your points on your personal dashboard. The platform is rich with features and redemption opportunities to help inspire and educate your future travel aspirations.
Points maximizer
Our unique valuation tool displays an array of best and worst valued redemptions for your hard earned points. We want to help you make smart choices, from the start.
This tool has been built by frequent flyers, for all flyers, using proven methods to maximize the value of your points. Here are some of our favorite ways to use points.
Your personal points
tracking dashboard
We’ve done the thinking, so
you can spend more time
goal setting
Favorite your top redemptions
in one place
Browse through 15,000 best,
mid, and low-value airline and
hotel redemptions
Upgraded Foxtrot Max
members enjoy an
expanded view, literally.

Behind our Signature Redemption Card

Each Award Redemption Card is thoughtfully designed to help you keep track of your progress towards a specific Award. From Top to Bottom, the Progress Bar represents how close you are to reaching your goal. Then the details below represents the Award you are on track to redeeming.
Partner with us
The Foxtrot Dash platform was designed for both consumers and to be a true partner to the travel industry. We are dedicated to helping our travel partners garner maximum exposure, awareness, and success. If you’re looking to become a partner of Foxtrot Dash, please reach out to explore how we can help you.

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